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Studies have shown links between periodontal (gum) disease, heart disease and other health conditions. Research further suggests that gum disease may be a more serious risk factor for heart disease than hypertension, smoking, cholesterol, gender and ages.

Researchers conclusions suggest that bacteria present in infected gums can become loose and move throughout the body through the bloodstream. Once bacteria reach the arteries, they can irritate them in the same way that they irritate gum tissue causing arterial plaque, which can cause hardening and affect blood-flow.

Tooth scaling removes plaque, tartar and hard crusty calculus deposits, which are loaded with bacteria.

Sub-gingival tooth scaling is necessary when plaque and tartar are detected below the gum line.

After scaling the tooth roots may need to be planed to smooth the root surface. Soft tissue will re-attach itself to a smooth tooth surface. Your dentist may also recommend medications to help control infection, pain, or to encourage healing.

A gum lift may be performed to create a more even gum line. Patients with a gummy smile can quickly and safely have unwanted tissue removed, thus exposing more tooth to shape a more attractive smile.

Soft Tissue Grafting

Root exposure resulting from gingival tissue recession may pose multiple problems for patients:

  • Undesirable aesthetics
  • Root sensitivity
  • Impaired oral hygiene
  • Increased caries susceptibility
  • Teeth may become loose

  • A gingival tissue graft will restore the proper gum tissue structure around the tooth.

    Canine Exposure

    Canines are the longest and most stable teeth in the mouth. Sometimes the tips of the roots of canine teeth need to be exposed before the initiation of orthodontic therapy for older pediatric patients.

    Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that re-contours the gum tissue and often the underlying bone of a tooth. Crown lengthening is often for a tooth to be fitted with a crown. It provides necessary space between the supporting bone and crown, which prevents the new crown from damaging bone and gum tissue.


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